Don’t forget to exercise when you are working-BAOTN sport with you
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Don’t forget to exercise when you are working-BAOTN sport with you

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In order to ensure the efficiency and quality of employees, BAOTN has launched a series of outdoor activities.Physical exercise is of great benefit to both body and mind. In physical aspect, physical exercise can enhance physical fitness, improve disease resistance, promote the growth and development of human musculoskeletal, and improve the regulatory function of nervous system; in psychological aspect, physical exercise can relieve tension, eliminate the pressure of life and work, and improve self-confidence and self-control.


1. Relieve fatigue.Exercise can speed up the blood circulation, increase the oxygen supply to the brain and enhance the elasticity of blood vessels. This can eliminate the brain fatigue caused by long-term work, but also enhance memory, improve learning, work efficiency.

2.It can effectively change people’s emotional state. For some people who are in a bad mood, they may as well take part in physical exercise to make their mood happy. People who exercise regularly can reduce their anxiety reaction and are suitable for people to exercise more.

3.It can effectively eliminate eye fatigue. For office workers, there is a lot of pressure, will appear more tired, whether psychological or physical, will appear tired, at this time might as well participate in some small exercise, not only can play the exercise effect, but also can make the body and mind relax.


Post time: Jul-17-2020

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