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Resistant Thin Oil Lubrication System
Features Of Progressive Grease Lubrication System
The grease from the lubrication pump is circulated and distributed accurately and quantitatively through the progressive distributor to each lubrication point.
The system can be filled with timed dosing via the pump or precise dosing with dispenser pulse counting. 
Applicable to NLGI-000#--2# grease.
Characteristics Of Volumetric Thin Oil Lubrication Scheme
The lubricating oil from the lubrication pump is accurately and quantitatively transported to each lubrication point through a volumetric single line distributor. The oil output of the quantitative distributor will not change due to the viscosity of the oil, temperature changes, or the length of the oil supply time. The oil output of a volumetric distributor of the same specification is not affected by factors such as the distance and height of the installation position.
Characteristics Of Grease Lubrication Scheme
Oil is composed of base oil, thickeners, and other additives.
 The main lubricating agent is still the base oil, and extreme pressure agents can better protect the friction pair under lean oil lubrication conditions.
 The main function of thickeners is to store oil and keep it in the appropriate position.

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