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Company Introduction: BAOTN Intelligent Lubrication Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in intelligent lubrication system, and located at beautiful and vibrant Songshan Lake Dongguan City in China.

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Technology changes the world, and innovation changes the future.
BAOTN insists on continually investing in research and development with talent and technology as the foundation, introducing the PLM research and development management system to achieve whole life cycle management of products from principle analysis, scheme design to simulation calculation.
By establishing the "Tribology Intelligent Lubrication Laboratory", BAOTN has introduced testing equipment including high and low temperature test chambers, salt spray test chambers, UV aging test chambers, vibration test tables, three-coordinate measuring instruments, grease performance testing four-ball testers, high-speed ring-block testers, rheometers, and oil-gas lubrication system, high-speed electric spindle test stands, providing comprehensive testing and verification for the product development process. BAOTN, with its keen spirit of innovation, has actively carried out joint development with South China University of Technology and successfully solved the industry's challenging technology problem of 0.01ml displacement precision in oil-gas lubrication.

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