Lubrication pump’s features and purpose of usage
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Lubrication pump’s features and purpose of usage

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I. Lubrication pump features

① Without PLC, it is controlled by machine tool PLC;

② With digital display or PLC [Flexible adjustment of oil pump working time (1 ~ 999s) and intermittent time (1 ~ 999m)]; equipped with liquid level switch, low oil level reminder; with pressure relief device.

1 (1)

2.Installation method

① Fill the pump tank with an appropriate amount of unused cleaning lubricant;

② Connect the circuit wiring diagram correctly (as shown below)

1 (2) 1 (3)

Note: Make sure that the pump body must be reliably grounded or connected to zero to prevent electric shock and fire accidents.

  1. Precautions

①The main purpose of centralized lubrication of machine tools:

I. lubrication and wear reduction

II. rust and corrosion protection

There is a rapid relative sliding between the lead surface of the machine tool and the screw rod. To prevent excessive wear of the parts, a proper oil film is required between the two sliding surfaces. A suitable oil film separates the surface of the relatively sliding part to reduce wear. At the same time, the lubricating oil can be adsorbed on the surface of the part to prevent the contact of water, air, acidic substances and harmful gases with the parts to prolong the service life of the machine.

② Requirements for oil: “cleaning oil” must be used, “return oil” cannot be used.

a.  Because the “recycled oil” oil contains impurities, it is easy to cause damage to the oil pump and blockage of the “oil circuit”, so that the lubrication point cannot be properly lubricated;

b.  ”return oil” ingredients are very complex (including water, acid, alkali, and even formaldehyde, etc.), corrosion of machine tool guides, screw and oil pumps and pipelines is more serious ( such as oily water Not only will it accelerate the oxidation and gelation of the oil, it will freeze and block the pipeline under low temperature conditions; when it comes into contact with metal parts with a temperature higher than 100 °C, it will form steam and destroy the oil film.)

c. The actual amount of lubricant required for most moving parts is very small. For example, many rolling bearings only need 0.01-0.05 ml (about 0.5-2 drops) of lubricating oil per hour. It is not necessary or necessary to use “return oil”. Just as no one will use “recycled oil” in a car, it is strictly forbidden to use “recycled oil” for centralized lubrication of machine tools.

③ Lubricants that meet the “viscosity” requirements must be used

Only a lubricant with a certain viscosity can establish an oil film between the two sliding surfaces to ensure effective lubrication.

④ It is best not to use “alternative oil” and “mixed oil” for lubrication

a.  During the maintenance of the user, the phenomenon of “alternative oil” and “mixed oil” was found. Due to the inability to correctly recognize and operate the objects and methods of “alternative oil” and “mixed oil”, the lubrication is often abnormal, and even the machine tool is scrapped. Therefore, you should try not to use “alternative oil” and “mixed oil”.

b.  When the oil pressure of the main oil circuit is about 12kgf/cm2, the distributor can store the oil. Therefore, it should be ensured that the oil passage is unblocked and completely enclosed without any damage or leakage. Where a “nylon hose” is used, a spring cover is required to protect it.

c.  To ensure adequate lubrication, it is recommended to set the oil supply time to about 30 seconds and the intermittent time to about 25 minutes. When using for the first time, apply “manual button” and play it several times to ensure that the air is exhausted and the entire oil circuit is filled with oil.

Post time: Aug-30-2019

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