How much do you know about the working principle of lubricating pump?
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How much do you know about the working principle of lubricating pump?

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When gear lubrication pump works, the working volume change and movement formed between pump cylinder and meshing gear is used to transport liquid and pressurize it.
The structure of external meshing double gear lubrication pump. A pair of meshing gears and pump cylinder separate the suction chamber from the discharge chamber. When the gear rotates, the volume between the teeth in the suction chamber increases gradually and the pressure decreases, and the liquid enters into the teeth under the action of pressure difference. As the gear rotates, the liquid between the teeth is carried to the discharge chamber. At this time, the volume between the teeth at the meshing part of the discharge chamber side is gradually reduced, and the liquid is discharged. Gear lubrication pump is suitable for conveying lubricating liquid with no solid particles, no corrosivity and wide viscosity range. The flow rate of the pump can reach 300 m3 / h and the pressure can reach 3 × 107 PA. It is usually used as hydraulic pump and delivery of various types of oil. The gear lubrication pump has the advantages of simple and compact structure, easy manufacture, convenient maintenance and self-priming ability, but the flow and pressure pulsation are large and the noise is large. Gear lubrication pump must be equipped with a safety valve to prevent damage to the pump or prime mover due to some reasons such as discharge pipe blockage, which causes the pump outlet pressure to exceed the allowable value.
Gear lubrication pump is a kind of positive displacement pump. It is composed of two gears, pump body and front and rear covers. When the gear rotates, the volume of the space on the gear separation side increases from small to large, forming a vacuum. The liquid is sucked in, and the volume of the space on the meshing side of the gear changes from large to small, and the liquid is squeezed into the pipeline. The suction chamber and discharge chamber are separated by the meshing line of two gears. The pressure of discharge port of gear lubrication pump completely depends on the resistance of pump outlet.

Post time: Aug-15-2020

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