Lubrication system pipeline treatment method
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Lubrication system pipeline treatment method

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BFA-05 Quantified decompression thin oil distributor

In the lubrication system, it can be said that the quality of a lubrication system plays an important role in the cleanliness of the oil. To improve the cleanliness of the oil inside the lubricating pipeline after installation, the following aspects need to be controlled and strictly controlled:

①In pipeline welding, tungsten electrode argon arc welding is used as the base, and the arc welding cover method is adopted; for the steel pipe, the welding measures of nitrogen filling in the pipe are adopted;

②Mechanical, metal saw blades and saw blades are used to cut the pipe, and the groove of the pipe adopts special groove processing machinery;

③In the aspect of pickling and rust removal, a combination of pre-pickling and online pickling is adopted;

④In terms of oil flushing, online high-pressure forced circulation and high-density filter element technology are used to improve oil flushing accuracy and lock flushing time.

When cutting pipes, lubricate the pipes by using cold cutting methods such as saws and cutting machines to avoid flame cutting. The cold-cut processing surface is smooth, and the inside of the pipeline is clean, which can greatly reduce the possibility of impurities such as burrs generated at the welding port of the pipeline.

Pipe welding, pipe welding method uses argon arc bottoming, electric welding overlay welding method, this method has many advantages: argon arc welding continuously sends argon gas during the welding process to protect the welding material from oxygen in the air , Thereby preventing oxidation of the welding material. The proper welding wire, welding process parameters and good gas shielding can be used to make the root part have good penetration, and the penetration is smooth, the surface is smooth and tidy, and it is easy when there is no general electrode arc welding. Defects such as weld nodules, under-penetration and depression. Because the welding seam does not produce impurities such as welding slag and welding lumps, it greatly reduces the difficulty of later flushing.

Post time: Jul-09-2020

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