HLC lubrication pump station
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HLC lubrication pump station

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Lubrication to the working principle of thr system

After the lubrication pump station is connected to the working power supply,set the operation mode according to the “operation flow chart”of the program controller,so that the motor is energized,and the gear pump starts to work .The lubricating oil is output through the oil outlet filter.The maximum pressure of the system is set by the overflow valve (set at 8MPA  when leaving the factory).The output lubricating oil enters into the storage oil in the quantitative distributor.When the quantitative distributor is filled with lubricating oil,the motor and electromagnetic reversing valve are de-energized,the system is unloaded,and the quantitative distributor injects the lubricating oil in the memory into the lubrication point to complete and oiling process.


Dosing distributors should be installed as far as possible where the lubrication
points are concentrated. The inner diameter of the main oil pipe must be
It is not allowed to install a check valve between the lubrication pump station
and the quantitative distributor to prevent the system from being
A 25u~125u oil filter should be installed at the oil outlet of the lubricating
pump station to ensure that the system oil is clean and free of impurities.
Before connecting the metering dispenser, all pipes should be carefully
flushed (or blown out) to decontaminate them and prevent dirt from entering
the oil drain and lubrication points.
Before the test run, loosen the oil plug of the last oil drain of each oil circuit,
start the pump station, drain the air in the system, and then tighten it, and
carefully check the connections of the system, there should be no leakage.
In the lubrication system, all thread seals are not allowed to use raw tape.
During the use process, the system should be regularly checked for leakage,
and whether the indicator rod of the quantitative distributor is properly
extended or not.

Post time: Sep-23-2022

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