High pressure progessive-type grease lubrication pump for Automatic Grease Lubrication Systems
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High pressure progessive-type grease lubrication pump for Automatic Grease Lubrication Systems

Short Description:

  • Warranty Period: 2 Years
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Quantity:

    Performance and characteristics

    1,The working cycle of the lubrication pump can be controlled by the host PLC or an independent controller

    2,It is equipped with a pressure regulating valve device,which can independently set the working pressure of the lubrication pump to ensure its work safety.

    3,Equipped with low oil level transmitter,normally open contact or normally closed contact can be selected according to the system.

    4,Please use a refueling gun or a refueling machine to add grease to the oil storage tank of the lubrication pump to prevent impurities and air from mixing into the lubrication system.

    5.The lubricating sytem is equipped with a pressure switch,which can effectively montinor the lack of pressure such as interrupted flow and leakage of the lubricating system pipeline.

    6.The material of the pump body is aluminum alloy ,which  has excellent physical properties such as high strength and light weight.

    7,Applicable lubricant range (at standard temperature):lubricating oil ≥N68,grease NLGI 000#~2#

    8,The grease outlet can be directly connected to the lubrication point,or it can be connected to a progressive distributor for multi-point lubrication.

    9,Use oil scraper oil pressure device

    10,A single pump body has 1-5 grease outlets to choose from,and the selectivity is large

    11,Equipped with safety relief valve and pressure gauge to monitor the working condition of the system at any time

    12,There is no pressure relief  valve device in the progressive system,it needs to be used with the GPA/GPB/GPC distributor


    Company Profile

    Baotn Intelligent Lubrication Technology (Dongguan) Co, Ltd, has developed into one of the leading machinery manufacturer specializing in centralized lubrication systems. Founded in August 2006. The company adhere to the strategic approach that integrity is fundamental and quality wins the future’ It produces a variety of quality and stable lubricating device products, including the volumetric or resistant type oil lubrication system, volumetric or progressive type grease lubrication pump, spray type oil and air lubrication, circulative water pump, lubrication system accessories, which are widely used in all kinds of metal cutting, CNC machine, machining centers, stamping, printing, textile, elevator, mining. food, foundry, plastics and other industries’ lubrication system8d9d4c2f2

    BAOTN team tour


    3 (2)



    Our company is a professional manufacturer and distributor of centralized lubrication system devices for 15 years. And our products are widely used in lubrication system devices in the following industries
    1. Metal processing cutting equipment
    2, 3C equipment
    3, wood equipment
    4, sheet metal equipment
    5, automation
    6, molding equipment
    7, fastener equipment
    8, textile equipment
    9, paper printing food packaging equipment
    10. Elevator
    11. Construction machinery
    12, the car

    1 (1)

    BDG electric grease lubrication pump

    1 (2)

    BAG Pneumatic grease lubrication pump

    1 (3)

    BDGS electric grease lubrication pump

    1 (4)

    BT-A2P4 Thin oil lubrication pump with digital display

    Our service

    We can help you to select the right pump
    Perfect after-sales service and large stock
    OEM order is accepted
    Strict testing to assure high quality every product will go through strict test

    Our advantage:

    2 years warranty for our products
    13 years’ experience of marketing and manufacturing machine tools lubricating system
    Strict testing to assure high quality every products will go through strict test
    Excellent after-sales service can be offered




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