GTB-A2 digital grease lubrication pump for cnnc machine lubrication system
Home » Products » GTB-A2 digital grease lubrication pump for cnnc machine lubrication system


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GTB-A2 digital grease lubrication pump for cnnc machine lubrication system

Short Description:

● Quantify lubrication of each lubrication point.

● Pressure, liquid level alarm has signal output.

● Various voltages can be customized.

● Pressure rises fast and stable, depressurization is stable.

  • Warranty Period: 2 Years
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Quantity:
    Volumetric electric grease lubrication pump (gear pump) with digital display
    Order description, select the item# right for you:
    Performance and characteristics:
    1. The system is configured with 3 action modes.
    a Lubricating: when turning on, execute lubricating timing.
    b Intermittent: execute intermittent timing after lubricating is completed.
    c Memory: in case of power on after power power off, resume incomplete intermittent time.
    2. Lubricating time and intermittent time can be adjusted. (Built-in locking function, and lubricating and intermittent time after setting is locked).
    3. Provided with liquid level switch and pressure switch (optional). When oil volume or pressure is insufficient, the beeper makes sound, send alarm and offers abnormal signal output.
    a When pressure is insufficient, Erp is displayed.
    b When liquid level is insufficient, Ero is displayed.
    3. The system time can be configured, LUB lubricating time: 1-999 (seconds), INT intermittent time: 1-999 (minutes) (tailored if specially required) The panel indicator displays lubricating and intermittent status.
    4. The system uses RST key to force lubricating or eliminate abnormal reporting signal.
    5. Equipped with a pressure relief device in the volumetric system, used with GFA/GFB/GFC/GFDE/GFE distributor
    6. Overflow is provided to protect oil injector and pipeline from being damaged by high pressure
    Specifications, models and technical parameters:
    型号Models 电压voltage(V) 功率Power(W) 润滑时间Lubrication time(S) 间歇时间Intermittenttime(M) 吐出口径throughout caliber 额定吐出压Rated throughput pressure(MPa) 最大吐出压Maximum throughput pressure(MPa) 吐出量Throughout(cc/min) 脱压装置
    de-pessurizing device
    压力开关Pressure Switch 油脂传感器grease sensor 蜂鸣器Beeper 油箱容量Oil tank volume(L)
    GTB-A2 AC220V
    1~999 1~999 Ø6 3 6 200 有Yes 有Yes 可选配Optional 有Yes 3 or 4