Gear Electric Hydraulic Pneumatic Grease Lubrication Pump
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Gear Electric Hydraulic Pneumatic Grease Lubrication Pump

PLC Control thin oil lubricating pump
The resistant lubrication system is composedof resistantlubricating machine, filter, BSD/BSE/BSACZB and otherstraight-through oil distribution blocks, proportional joints,copper joints, oil pipes, etc. Proportional joints of differentspecifications can be selected according to the amount of oilrequired by each lubricating point. Lubricating oil is suppliedregularly by the lubricating machine, and lubricating points arelubricated by controlling the amount of oil through proportionaljoints, so that the oil supply at each point of the entire systemand the oil demand at each point are kept in balance.
  • GED-2

Product Advantage

Performance and characteristics:

- Liquid level switch and pressure switch (optional) are provided, When oil volume or pressure is insufficient,abnormal signal is output.

- The panel indicator light indicates power and lubrication status of the oil injection mold.

- The system is provided with FEED key, and compulsory lubrication is applied.

- Time seting: single maximum lubrication durations2min, and the intermittent time is at least 5 times of the lubricating time.

- The motor is provided with self-protection to prevent hiah temperature and overload of motor.

- No decompression device is provided with resistance-type system, used with proporional joint distributor.

- Overflow valve is provided to prevent damage by oil injector and pipeline.

- Internal fuse is provided to prevent lC board and motor damaged by short circuit.

Technical Parameters

Item Value
Model Type BTA-C1
Power Source Electric
Structure Gear Pump
Voltage 110V,220V
Power 20W
Lubricating Time(S) and Intermittent Time(M) Controlled by an external PLC
Rated Pressure 1.0Mpa
Maximum Output Pressure 2.5Mpa
Throughout 200cc/min
Outlet Oil Pipe Diameter 4mm,6mm
Pressure Switch Optional
Liquid Level  Switch Power Supply at Upper or Lower Position
Oil tank volume 2L,3L,4L,6L,8L

Product Uses

CNC,Copper tube form,Testing spindles,Solar multi-wire cutting;Gear pump types (intermitent): applicable for various kinds of machinery with main oil pipeline of maximum 10meters, height of maximum 8 meters and lubricating points of maximum 50 points.


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