Baotn Resistance-Type Centralized High-Quality Lubrication Pump Uesd for Industry Factory 2L 110V Without Liquid Level Switch Unavilable
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Baotn Resistance-Type Centralized High-Quality Lubrication Pump Uesd for Industry Factory 2L 110V Without Liquid Level Switch Unavilable

The resistant lubrication system is composed of resistant lubricating machine, filter, BSD/BSE/BSA/CZB and other straight-through oil distribution blocks, proportional joints, copper joints, oil pipes, etc. Proportional joints of different specifications can be selected according to the amount of oil required by each lubricating point. Lubricating oil is supplied regularly by the lubricating machine, and lubricating points are lubricated by controlling the amount of oil through proportional joints, so that the oil supply at each point of the entire system and the oil demand at each point are kept in balance
  • BTA-A1

Product Advantage

The system is configured with 3 action modes.

a. Lubricating: when turning on, execute lubricating timing.

b.Intermittent: execute intermittent timingafterlubricatingiscompleted(Timeunit convertible).

c. Memory: in case of power on after power off,resume incomplete intermittent time. Lubricating time and intermittent time can be adjusted. (Built-in locking function, and lubricating and intermittent

time after setting is locked).

Provided with liquid level switch and pressure switch (optional). When oil volume or pressure is insufficient, the beeper makes sound, send alarm and offers abnormal signal output.

a. When pressure is insufficient, Erp is displayed.

b. When liquid level is insufficient, Ero is displayed.

The system time can be configured, LUB lubricating time: 1-999 (seconds)

INT intermittent time: 1-999 (minutes) (Tailored if specially required)

The panel indicator displays lubricating and intermittent status.

The system uses RST key to force lubricating or eliminate abnormal reporting signal.

Single maximum lubricating time≤2 min, and intermittent time is at least 5 times of the lubricating time.

The motor is provided with self-protection function to avoid high motor temperature and overload.

No decompression device is provided with resistance-type system, used with proportional joint distributor

(Refer to page 25~27).

Overflow is provided to protect oil injector and pipeline from being damaged byhigh pressure.

Technical Parameters


Models and
Motor Lubricating
Outlet oil
Beeper Oil tank volume
BTA-A1 AC110
20 1-999 1 2.5

Φ 4 or Φ 6
Optional yes yes 2(Resin) 2.90
3(Resin) 3.20
4(Resin) 3.30
4(Metal plate) 5.70
6(Metal plate) 6.00
8(Metal plate) 6.50

Product Uses

This pump is perfect for progressive lubrication systems of machine tools.

Metal cutting equipment such as CNC machining centers, grinders, CNC lathes, etc

3C equipment: precision carving machine, highlight machine, glass machine, scanning machine, grinding machine

Sheet metal equipment: Laser cutting machines, punching machines, and other sheet metal processing equipment

Wood equipment: edge banding machines, woodworking cutting machines, and other wood processing equipment

Forming equipment: Injection molding machines, die-casting machines, vacuum molding machines and other forming processing equipment

Automation: Replacing manual equipment with synchronous handling and transportation of ground rails, sky rails, 5-axis robotic arms, etc

Textile machinery: steam spinning machines, cotton shaping machines, textile round machines, and other textile and clothing equipment


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