Spring has arrived, and the epidemic will eventually pass. I hope everyone who works hard will welcome the spring blossoms in their lives!

Beijing News (Reporter Xu Wen) The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference on March 24 regarding the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia and medical diagnosis and treatment. With the increase of imported cases abroad, will it lead to a recurrence of the epidemic? Researcher Wu Zunyou of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that three lines of defense have been established to defend against imported cases from abroad.

Wu Zunyou introduced that the first line of defense is customs, which can screen patients who have found symptoms and send them to medical institutions for treatment; the second line of defense is 14 days of isolation and observation after entry. If it is in the incubation period, it can be found in 14 days; If the first two lines of defense are missed, there is still a third line of defense medical institution.

“At present, imported cases are basically blocked on the first and second lines of defense. Three lines of defense can well prevent the epidemic caused by imported cases from re-emerging.” Wu Zunyou said.

As of March 24, a total of 5,190 people have been diagnosed in the country, including 433 overseas input, of which 9 provinces have been completely cleared, namely Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Guizhou, Hunan, Anhui, Jilin.





At the same time, except for China, as of March 24, there were 254,615 overseas confirmed diagnoses, a cumulative diagnosis of 296,378, a cumulative cure of 28,640, and a total of 13,123 deaths.





The epidemic situation has not been completely defeated. I hope that my friends will be able to achieve six elements of personal protection: Wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, go out less, walk less, do not party, and wear masks.

The epidemic is about to pass, and spring is here! May the mountains and rivers be peaceful! I hope not only spring but also you who are safe after the epidemic!





Post time: Mar-28-2020