Quality control

Baoteng values the “product quality” as the survival of the company

Being a quality conscious organization, we maintain total quality system in our production process as well as marketing process. Stringent quality checks are conducted at every stage, beginning from sourcing quality raw material to packaging and till the delivery of the product.

Every product produced from our company's assembly line will pass 5 tests. Finished products are only released to stock when all tests and inspections conform to the prescribed procedures, which include:

(1)  Density;
(2)  Thermal stability;
(3)  Outlet discharge test;
(4)  Oil pressure test;
(5)  8-hour functional test

In addition, our company also has a dedicated laboratory, including rainwater, salt spray, dust, high and low temperature, vibration and other test equipment, so each new product from the development to production must be tested in a variety of demanding environments, Ensure that our products work properly in any environment, minimizing the abrasion on lubrication pumps due to harsh environments