• Fun sports meeting

    Fun sports meeting

    In order to enhance the physical quality of employees and promote efficient work. It is helpful to cultivate people’s sense of competition, spirit of cooperation and concept of fairness to cultivate people’s brave and indomitable character, the quality of surpassing themselves, the wi...
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  • Work hard and enjoy life at the same time

    Work hard and enjoy life at the same time

    At that time, there was a popular saying: “those who do not rest will not work.” The position is clear: leisure time is only for rest, and rest is only for work. The significance of leisure time is not only to restore and accumulate physical or mental energy for professional labor, bu...
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  • First Frost——A sign of the beginning of winter

    First Frost——A sign of the beginning of winter

    As the saying goes: an autumn rain, a cold, a frost, a cold winter. As the last solar term in autumn, frost falls on October 23-24 of the Gregorian calendar. Frost does not mean falling frost, but means that the weather is getting colder, the temperature difference between day and night is increa...
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  • Thin Oil Lubrication pump manufacturer——BAOTN

    Baotn intelligent lubrication technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. has been one of the famous professional manufacturers of mechanical centralized lubrication system in China. Founded in August 2006, the company adheres to the strategic principle of “honesty and good quality, winning the future&...
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  • BAOTN——Production skills competition

    BAOTN——Production skills competition

    In order to improve the operation skills, safety and quality awareness of production line employees, and cultivate the spirit of “striving for perfection and positive development”, baotn launched production skills competition on Saturday This competition everybody is very earnest ...
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  • Team development: smelting team, forge ahead

    Team development: smelting team, forge ahead

    As we all know, a good physical quality is the condition of work and study. As a result, BAOTN launched a development activity last week to improve everyone’s physical fitness and team’s. The first project: standing in military posture   The second project: show the team culture...
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  • Happy Teacher’s Day

    Happy Teacher’s Day

    Dear teacher Your earnest teachings are like spring breeze Like rain, forever my heart September is the season of return Teacher, it’s the theme of this season Teacher’s Day is coming, in this affectionate time Let’s express our thanks and blessings to our beloved teachers Expe...
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  • A wonderful month——September

    A wonderful month——September

      In September, it will be only a third in 2020. Through the extraordinary spring and summer, the epidemic prevention work has achieved a decisive victory, and finally ushered in the autumn school season. We should remember the harvest in September, we should remember their great achievement...
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  • 2020 High quality China Thin Oil Lubrication pump

      The volumetric centralized thin oil lubrication system are as follows: The lubricating oil can be accurately delivered to each lubricating point each time The oil output of each quantitative hole will not change with the oil year, temperature change and the length of oil supply. The oil outp...
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  • 24 solar terms——Summer heat

    24 solar terms——Summer heat

    Fresh autumn weather The cold high pressure began to affect China. Under its control, the sinking and dry cold air formed first declared the end of rainy season in Northeast, North and Northwest China, and took the lead in the beginning of the most beautiful weather of the year – clear aut...
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  • How much do you know about the working principle of lubricating pump?

    When gear lubrication pump works, the working volume change and movement formed between pump cylinder and meshing gear is used to transport liquid and pressurize it. The structure of external meshing double gear lubrication pump. A pair of meshing gears and pump cylinder separate the suction cham...
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  • A tree knows summer, a leaf falls and knows autumn. Autumn morning and evening cool, remember to add clothes.

    A tree knows summer, a leaf falls and knows autumn. Autumn morning and evening cool, remember to add clothes.

    On the customs of the beginning of autumn 1.Stick autumn fat It is popular to weigh people by hanging scales on the day of the beginning of autumn, and compare the weight with that of summer. Because people have no appetite in summer, and their meals are light and simple. After two or three mont...
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