Volumetric grease lubrication pump (integrated type)
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Volumetric grease lubrication pump (integrated type)

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Performance and characteristics

1,The duty cycle of the lubrication pump can be controlled by the main PLC or a separate controller.

2,Built-in solenoid valve pressure relief device ,the system automatically releases pressure quickly when the lubrication pump stops running.

3,An exhaust valve arrangement is provided to eliminate lubrication of the air in the pump chamber and to ensure that the lubrication pump drains the oil smoothly

4,For low oil level transmitters,normally open or normally closed contacts can be selected depending on the system .

5,The lubrication system is equipped with a pressure switch ,which can effectively monitor the pipeline system to interrupt the flow.leakage and other pressure shortages

6,The use of canned grease can reduce impurities ,mix in grease,and be easy  to replace without polluting the environment .

7,Equipped with a pressure relief device in the volumetric system .

Post time: Jul-21-2021

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