Spraying lubricating system
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Spraying lubricating system

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Performance and characteristics

The product shall be operated with the principle of vacuum self-suction,and the liquid is atomized via

the nozzle and air until spraying onto working pieces,tools or bearings and other lubricating points.

The cooling effects are excellent,and lubrication is provided,as well as scrap removal,cleaning and other

functions are used to increase production efficiency an improve processing quality and reduce losses of

machinery tools.

1,Cool down in processing ,lubricate,and remove iron scrap in on time.

2,Increase processing rate,save processing time and costs,and reduce wear of knife tools.\

3,Beneficial for assuring processing quality and application effects of knife tools.

4,Processing alloy or super-hard materials achieves smooth and high-precision surface.

5,Pressurization is enhanced to avoid internal leakage and prolong service life .

6,Different fixing modes are used to match different parts.

Post time: Nov-29-2021

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