Quantified decompression thin oil distribution
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Quantified decompression thin oil distribution

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Rationale of the distributor

1,Lubricant delivered from the oil injector starts to drive though the umbrella valve in the distributor

2,When the umbrella valve close the oil outlet hole,oil pressure forces oil storage block to overcome

spring force and lower down,and the oil cavity starts to store oil.

3,When oi+l storage block arrives at the top of the oil cavity,storing oil by distributor is completed

4,When the oil pump stops  supplying oil,the decompression valve is automatically opened to

make lubricant in the main oil pipe to return though the decompression valve.The system pressure is lowered,the umbrella valve reciprocates and close  the inlet oil,and the distributor oil storage block

compresses the lubricant in the oil cavity to the oil outlet port.











Post time: Jun-24-2021

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