Micro cooling and lubrication pumps
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Micro cooling and lubrication pumps

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Performance and characteristics:
The system is configured with pressure adjustment valve andelectromagnetic valve to control gas source accurately, and fullatomization is realized with the lubricant, aiming to reduce losses of knife
tools and better cooling lubricating effects.
A.Control with digital display: cooling lubricating time and intermittent timeare adjustable . (The function of lock key is provided, and lock lubricatingand intermittent time after setting)
The system time can be set, “LUB” lubricating time: 1-999 seconds
“INT” intermittent time: 1-999 seconds (Customized for special needs)
B.PLC control: cooling and lubricating time and intermittent time arecontrolled by external PLC.
C.No control: cooling and lubricating time and intermittent time arecontrolled by No control.
Liquid level switch is provided. When the cooling liquid level is insufficient,
the beeper is sounded and transmit abnormal signal. (Ero is displayed if the liquid level is insufficient in digital display).
The panel indicator lamp displays lubricating and intermittent status.
Air source pressure 0.4-0.6MPa is recommended.
The default liquid and gas pipe diameter is Φ6
Self-suction cooling and lubricating sprayer shall be used together with model EVA.

Post time: Dec-05-2022

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