BAOTN calls on everyone to prevent fires and save lives
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BAOTN calls on everyone to prevent fires and save lives

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As the saying goes, fire and water are merciless. A burning match and a cigarette butt that hasn’t subsided. If we throw it around, it will bring endless troubles and even bring disaster to the top. Fire fighting needs our care, knowing, support and participation together. As long as we make concerted efforts and work together to completely eliminate the risk of fire, then the fire will stay away from us, and the life and property of the country and citizens will be effectively guaranteed.


Fire prevention work is focused on avoiding, we probably grasp the basic knowledge of fire prevention, rescue and self-rescue escape, learn “how to prevent fire”, “how to save life”, “how to escape”. If the fire prevention work is completed, the probability of a fire attack will be very small. If the fire can be calmed down in time, the fire will not extend; grasping some basic escape knowledge, you can escape smoothly at the fire scene.


We need to understand the types of fires and how to choose fire extinguishers correctly in the face of various types of fires. Any burning phenomenon that loses control and causes damage to property and people is called a fire. First, there are the following five types of fires, divided according to the nature of the fire.

Class A refers to fires containing carbon solids. Optional water fire extinguisher, foam fire extinguisher, ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguisher (ABC dry powder fire extinguisher).

Category B refers to flammable liquid fires. Optional dry powder fire extinguisher (ABC dry powder fire extinguisher) carbon oxide fire extinguisher, foam fire extinguisher is only suitable for oil fires, not for polar solvent fires.

Category C refers to flammable vapor fires. Optional dry powder fire extinguisher (ABC dry powder fire extinguisher), carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. The parts prone to the above three types of fires are generally equipped with ABC dry powder fire extinguishers. The number of equipment can be determined according to the area of ​​the parts. For general hazardous locations, one is calculated per 75 square meters, and the weight is 4 kg. 4 tools in a group, equipped with an equipment rack. Hazardous areas or lightly hazardous areas can be increased or decreased by an appropriate amount

Class D, refers to metal fires, there is currently no device, generally available sand

Class E refers to live fires. Optional dry powder fire extinguisher (ABC dry powder fire extinguisher), carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

How to use the fire extinguisher:


1. How to use carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

When extinguishing the fire, just mention or carry the fire extinguisher to the fire site, put the fire extinguisher about 5 meters away from the burning object, pull out the safety pin, hold the handle at the root of the horn with one hand, and hold the pressure lever of the opening and closing valve with the other hand. For carbon dioxide fire extinguishers without jet hoses, the horn should be turned up 70 ~ 90 degrees. When in use, do not directly grasp the outer wall of the horn or the metal connection tube to stop the frostbite. Fire extinguishing is when the combustible liquid burns in a flowing state, the user should spray the jet of carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent from near to far. If the flammable liquid is burning in the container, the user should lift the horn and spray it from the upper side of the container to the burning container, but the jet of carbon dioxide cannot directly hit the surface of the flammable liquid to prevent the flammable liquid from impacting the container and expanding The fire caused difficulty in extinguishing the fire. When using a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, if it is used outdoors, it should be selected to spray in the narrow space indoors. The operator should quickly leave after extinguishing the fire to prevent suffocation.



2. How to use ABC dry powder fire extinguisher

When the liquid fires, it should be noted that the nozzle should not be directed at the liquid surface to prevent the impact of the jet flow from splashing the flammable liquid and expanding the fire, which makes it difficult to extinguish the fire. If the flammable liquid burns in the metal container for too long, the wall temperature of the container is already higher than the spontaneous ignition point of the flammable liquid. At this time, it is very easy to cause the phenomenon of re-combustion after extinguishing the fire. reason. In the report, the unit and location of the fire must be clearly stated and the object, type and scope of the fire should be clearly stated. The police report timely and accurately. After receiving the report, the fire department can quickly dispatch the fire truck to the place of fire and put out the fire in a timely manner according to the nature of the burn.


As a company, in order to get economic benefits from the mall, we must pay attention to safe production and prevent accidents before we can complete the “win-win” of benefits and safety. Proton, as one of the nation’s well-known professional manufacturers of mechanical centralized lubrication systems, is also strictly implementing fire safety. On November 13th, it conducted an unwarned fire drill. In this exercise, I learned how to use fire extinguishers. As a member of Proton, I am very proud.



Post time: May-16-2020

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