Army Day August 1th
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Army Day August 1th

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The army day is to commemorate the birth and arduous course of the people’s army, and to stimulate the fighting spirit of the soldiers to defend the country. The festival is held on August 1 every year. On this day, activities are usually carried out in all parts of China to commemorate the birth of the people’s army. The custom of army building day is that government departments and social organizations carry out various forms of military support activities.
Every year, the army organizes grand commemorative activities to celebrate its own festival. Governments at all levels also organized grand civil military galas or sermon meetings, inviting representatives of the old Red Army, retired military personnel, revolutionary disabled soldiers and the families of the martyrs to attend.
In addition, it is also necessary to carry out the work of giving preferential treatment to the army and to organize and solve problems in time. Governments at all levels and the broad masses of the people have always regarded the activities of supporting the army and giving preferential treatment to their families as a “reserved Festival” to commemorate the army day.

Post time: Jul-30-2020

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