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GEO-1 is an electric grease lubrication pump, also known as a progressive grease lubrication pump and a plunger pump. The GEO type can be connected to a PLC control system to control the intermittent and lubrication time of the oil pump. The machine adopts an integrated structure, which has strong versatility, compact structure and easy maintenance. Use filling type grease to replace directly, the operation is simple and convenient. The fuel tanks are spring-pressurized. The oil injection machine has good lubrication effect, can independently adjust the working pressure, and is suitable for a wide range of oil products.

Product Advantage

1.The lubrication pump operating cycle can be controlled through the host PLC or an independent controller.

2.Equipped with a pressure regulating valve device, the working pressure of the lubrication pump can be set independently, ensuring operational safety.

3.Equipped with an exhaust valve device that exhausts the air in the lubrication pump cavity and smoothes the oil discharge.

4.GEO-1 is equipped with a pressure switch, which can effectively monitor the lubrication system pipeline interruption, leakage and other pressure shortage phenomena.

5.By using canned grease, impurities are reduced, less contamination with the grease, easy replacement, and no environmental pollution.

6.GEO-1 have no pressure relief valve device

Technical Parameters

models GEO-172 GEO-179
maximum ejetcion pressure (MPa) 8 8
Throughout (cc/min) 20 20
oil outlet diameter Φ6 Φ6
oil tank volume (L) 0.7 0.7
motor power (W) 35 25
oil viscosity (nlgi) 000#-0# 000#-0#

Product Uses

GEO electric oil injection machine is widely used in various centralized

lubrication systems such as machine tools, plastic machinery, and die-casting machines.


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