Pneumatic thin oil lubrication pump

Performance and characteristics
Powered by compressed air.
The solenoid valve is controlled by the host PLC or the oil pump controllerto determine the oil supply cycle of the lubrication system.
The solenoid valve is electrified to control the pneumatic pump, and the electrification time of the solenoid valve is ≥5 seconds.
The solenoid valve is de-energized and the pneumatic pump is depressurized, and the solenoid valve is de-energized for ≥ 20 seconds.
A pressure switch is set at the end of the system to monitor the interruption and pressure loss of the main oil pipeline of the lubrication system.
Equipped with low liquid level transmitter, which can output low liquid level signal.
Equipped with an automatic pressure relief device, the lubrication pump stops running, and the system automatically relieves pressure.
Use oil viscosity: 10-1000cSt.

Post time: Dec-14-2022