Update on new coronary pneumonia virus expect China
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Update on new coronary pneumonia virus expect China

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        As of 10 am Central European Time on March 9th (17:00 Beijing time), 35,614 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been diagnosed in 104 countries / territories / regions outside China, and 4,500 cases have been cured with a total of 975 deaths.

        There were 9172 cases in Italy, 7513 cases in South Korea, 7161 cases in Iran, 1412 cases in France, 1223 cases in Spain, 1139 cases in Germany, 704 cases in the United States, 524 cases in Japan, and 337 cases in Switzerland.

        So we should follow the method:
1. New crown pneumonia virus is not easy to treat, and prevention is the biggest thing;
2. Do not walk or visit friends, you must wear a mask when going out;
3. Do not participate in social activities, do not treat guests at home, do not visit relatives and friends;
4.Early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment
5. Four elements of personal protection: wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, more ventilation, less gathering

Post time: Mar-10-2020

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