Happy Mother’s Day !
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Happy Mother’s Day !

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Mother’s Day  is a holiday to thank mothers, this festival first appeared in ancient Greece; and the modern Mother’s Day originated in the United States, is the second Sunday of May every year.


Mothers usually receive gifts on this day. Carnations are regarded as flowers dedicated to their mothers, while Chinese mothers ’flowers are hemerocallis flowers, also known as forget-me-nots.



May 10, Mother’s Day!
It is a day to celebrate maternal love, but also a day of gratitude.
Many times, in our busy work and life, we forget that someone has been concerned about us. They used to be a little girl. She also wanted to be loved. She was also afraid of darkness. She would be sad when she encountered difficulties, but the years and you taught her greatness.
Therefore, we are usually ashamed to express. Let us use this festival to express our love and gratitude to mom.



Here again, BAOTN wishes all mothers in the world a happy holiday and happiness forever.


Post time: May-09-2020

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