Happy May Fourth Youth Day!
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Happy May Fourth Youth Day!

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The May 4th Youth Day originated from China’s anti-imperialist patriotic “May 4th Movement” in 1919. The May 4th Patriotic Movement was a complete patriotic movement against imperialism and feudalism, and also the beginning of China’s new democratic revolution. In 1939, the Northwest Youth Salvation Federation of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region designated May 4 as the Chinese Youth Day.

During the Youth Festival, various commemorative activities will be held in various parts of China. The youth will also focus on various social volunteering and social practice activities. There are also many places where adult ceremonies are held during the Youth Festival.

The core content of the May 4th spirit is “patriotism, progress, democracy, and science.”

For the independence and emancipation of the nation and for the prosperity and prosperity of the country, we should go forward and succeed heroically, aggressively, diligently and work hard.

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Patriotism is the source of the May 4th spirit, democracy and science are the core of the May 4th spirit, and courage to explore, dare to innovate, emancipate the mind, and implement reforms is the way for democracy and science to propose and realize. It is the content of democracy and science. The ultimate goal of all these is to revitalize the Chinese nation. Therefore, to commemorate the May 4th Movement and carry forward the May 4th spirit, we should combine these aspects and work hard to revitalize the Chinese nation.

The May 4th spirit represents honesty, progress, activeness, freedom, equality, creation, beauty, kindness, peace, mutual love, working and happy, and a unified manifestation of the happiness of the whole society.

The May 4th spirit is the sublimated patriotic spirit.

Post time: May-04-2020

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