Electric grease lubrication pump
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Electric grease lubrication pump

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Performance and characteristics of electric grease lubrication pumps, volumetric grease lubrication pumps, and plunger pumps

Electric grease lubrication pumps, volumetric grease lubrication pumps, and plunger pumps are three types of lubrication equipment used in various industries to lubricate machinery and equipment efficiently and effectively. These pumps are known for their superior performance and a range of unique features, making them a popular choice among professionals.

One of the main features of these pumps is their versatility in controlling the duty cycle. The duty cycle of the lubrication pump can be easily controlled by the main PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or a separate controller. This allows users to adjust the frequency and duration of lubrication cycles to specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and extending the service life of the equipment.

Furthermore, these pumps are equipped with built-in solenoid valve pressure relief devices. This innovative feature ensures that the system automatically and quickly releases pressure when the lubrication pump is stopped. Not only does this protect the pump from excessive pressure, it also prevents grease leakage, ensuring a clean, efficient lubrication process.

In addition, the lubrication pump is also designed with a pressure regulating valve device. This device allows the user to independently set the working pressure of the pump, ensuring safe and reliable operation. By adjusting the pressure, users can adjust the lubrication process according to different machinery and equipment, ensuring proper lubrication without causing any damage or malfunction.

Another notable feature is the inclusion of a vent valve arrangement in these pumps. This arrangement serves several purposes, such as eliminating air in the pump chamber and ensuring smooth and uninterrupted lubrication. By clearing the air from the pump chamber, the pump prevents any cavitation or interruptions in the lubrication process, thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Additionally, the bleed valve assembly helps eliminate any excess lubrication or grease buildup in the pump chamber. This prevents any potential blockages or problems that could be caused by a build-up of lubricating material, ensuring a continuous, uninterrupted flow of grease to the machinery.

In summary, electric grease lubrication pumps, positive displacement grease lubrication pumps and plunger pumps are highly reliable and efficient solutions for lubricating machinery and equipment. Their performance and unique features such as controlled duty cycle, built-in solenoid valve pressure relief, pressure regulating valve arrangement and exhaust valve arrangement make them stand out in the market. Whether used in heavy-duty industrial applications or small jobs, these pumps are proven to be critical in ensuring optimal performance, reducing downtime and extending machinery life.

GEO-1 grease lubrication pump

Post time: Oct-26-2023

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