• Description of the risistance-type centralized thin oil lubricating system

    The risistance-type lubricating system is composed of oil injector ,filter,BB/VB/BE/BA and other through-type oil distribution block, proportional joint ,copper joint and oil pipe etc.Based on different oil volume of the lubricating points,proportional joints of different specifications are selec...
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  • Volumetric grease lubrication pump (integrated type)

    Performance and characteristics 1,The duty cycle of the lubrication pump can be controlled by the main PLC or a separate controller. 2,Built-in solenoid valve pressure relief device ,the system automatically releases pressure quickly when the lubrication pump stops running. 3,An exhaust valve arr...
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  • hand-operated lubrication pump performance and characteristics

    Manual thin oil lubrication pump(piston pump)   Performance and characteristics Small volume,easy installation and convenient use. Check device is used to prevent back flow.it is applicable for sites with non-rigorous requirements and machinery with simple lubrication system.oil product visc...
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  • Quantified decompression thin oil distribution

    Rationale of the distributor 1,Lubricant delivered from the oil injector starts to drive though the umbrella valve in the distributor 2,When the umbrella valve close the oil outlet hole,oil pressure forces oil storage block to overcome spring force and lower down,and the oil cavity starts to stor...
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  • what is the description of the volumetric centralized thin oil lubrication system

    The volumetric  lubricating system is composed of volumetric lubricating pump and oil filter,through oil distribution block,volumetric distributor,copper joint and oil pipe etc.. The lubricating system is composed of two types of oil delivery,namely,the decompression quantified oil delivery and t...
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  • BAOTN lubrication pump big promotion

    618BAOTN Lubrication Pump Promotion exclusively pampers new customers Exclusive benefits for you are here Become a member of BAOTN, we will have exclusive gifts to give away Contact BAOTN quickly baotn.en.alibaba.com There is a dedicated customer service 1 to 1 service
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  • BAOTN First Quarter Report 2021

    In the first quarter of this year, our sales and market demand both grew strongly Although cost inflation and exchange rates have had a certain adverse effect on performance, we still maintain a steady adjusted operating profit Organic sales increased by 5%, and net sales were RMB 50 million. Sta...
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  • Baotn show in CIMT (Beijing), in Chinaplas(Shenzhen)

    https://www.baotn.com/uploads/Beijing-4-81.mp4 https://www.baotn.com/uploads/E6-A701.mp4 CIMT(The 17th China International Machine Toll Show) is one of the four important machine tool show worldwile. Open in Beijing from Apr 12 to Apr 17, 2021. Baotn is here waiting for you to show our new...
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  • Welcome to visit Baotn in CIMT in Beijing from Apr 12 to Apr 17

           From Apr 12 to Apr 17, we are waiting for you in Beijing, China. From Apr 13 to Apr 16, we are waiting for you in Shenzhen, China. Welcome to visit Baotn in CIMT( The 17th China International Machine Toll Show)  in Beijing. Our position is E6-A701. It will be our great honor to s...
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  • Fun sports meeting

    Fun sports meeting

    In order to enhance the physical quality of employees and promote efficient work. It is helpful to cultivate people’s sense of competition, spirit of cooperation and concept of fairness to cultivate people’s brave and indomitable character, the quality of surpassing themselves, the wi...
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  • Work hard and enjoy life at the same time

    Work hard and enjoy life at the same time

    At that time, there was a popular saying: “those who do not rest will not work.” The position is clear: leisure time is only for rest, and rest is only for work. The significance of leisure time is not only to restore and accumulate physical or mental energy for professional labor, bu...
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  • First Frost——A sign of the beginning of winter

    First Frost——A sign of the beginning of winter

    As the saying goes: an autumn rain, a cold, a frost, a cold winter. As the last solar term in autumn, frost falls on October 23-24 of the Gregorian calendar. Frost does not mean falling frost, but means that the weather is getting colder, the temperature difference between day and night is increa...
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