Progressive grease distributor for each lubrication point in the centralized lubrication system

Technical parameter

Maximum working pressure:30Mpa

Standard displacement:0.2ml/cy

Working temperature :-20℃-+80℃astic

Applicable lubricant range (at standard temperature):NLGI:000#-2#,≥N68


The integral progressive distributor GPC can provide metered lubrication for each lubrication point in the centralized lubrication system,with the advantages of energy saving and high efficiency,up to 20 oil outlets,high working pressure ,dustproof and  antu-corrosion,suitable foe harsh it is an ideal product foe centralized lubrication of vehicles ,contruction machinery,machine tools,wind turbines,plastic machinery ,etc.The single outlet displacement is 0.2ml/cy.It can provide integer multiple displacements such as 0.4ml/cy and 0.6ml/cy by removing the plug and steel ball and replacing the oil outlet plug.As the lubricant enters the distributor from the oil inlet .the distributor operates continuously in a progressive manner and fills with oil at a constant displacement.once the flow of lubricant stops,all plungers in the dispenser will also stop moving ,The operation of the entire distributor can be monitored by installing specific indicators to observe the movement of one outlet plunger,once a blockage occurs,an alarm can be achieved.

Post time: Sep-14-2022