Happy Teacher’s Day

Dear teacher
Your earnest teachings are like spring breeze
Like rain, forever my heart

September is the season of return

Teacher, it’s the theme of this season

Teacher’s Day is coming, in this affectionate time

Let’s express our thanks and blessings to our beloved teachers


Experienced how many spring, summer, autumn and winter, how many days and nights, dear teacher, how much painstaking efforts you have paid! Batch by batch of children grow up healthily under your caress, and generations of teenagers sail far away under your care. You shoulder the sacred mission, you shoulder the future of the motherland, you shoulder the prosperity of the nation, you shoulder the heavy responsibility of history.
What we teach is books, what we educate is people. Burn yourself and light others. Sow ideal, water hope. Education without discrimination, selfless love. Thank you for your kindness.


Post time: Sep-10-2020