Happy May day!


Dear Customer:

The holiday time of our company’s Labor Day is: May 1 (Friday) ~ May 3 (Sunday). If you need to order, please place your order in advance, thank you!

At the same time I wish you all a happy Labor Day!
In addition, the May Day holiday, I believe that all your friends are very happy, but this year is still very special, everyone must pay attention to safety during their holiday travel.

1. Travel method It is recommended that you use “self-guided travel, self-driving travel, family travel, micro-group travel” and other healthy travel methods, and try to avoid large-scale group travel activities.

2. Travel destinations should choose to avoid large comprehensive parks and popular attractions, and avoid crowded scenic spots as much as possible. It is recommended that you can choose a road suitable for self-driving in the surroundings, and enjoy the scenery along the way; the relatively open and open venues around the surroundings; and mountain-climbing and scenic spots.

3. Be sure to do a survey before you travel. You can look at the recent passenger flow of the selected destination in advance (to avoid the huge flow of people after the small click). If you are entering a park, you must confirm whether there are restrictions such as limited flow.

4. Bring enough dry food and be self-sufficient. Try not to go to restaurants where people are more mobile.

5. Always wear masks and carry hand-free hand sanitizer with you when you travel, wash your hands frequently, whether you are climbing a mountain or a large park, try to bypass the high crowd flow.

Post time: Apr-29-2020