First Frost——A sign of the beginning of winter

As the saying goes: an autumn rain, a cold, a frost, a cold winter. As the last solar term in autumn, frost falls on October 23-24 of the Gregorian calendar. Frost does not mean falling frost, but means that the weather is getting colder, the temperature difference between day and night is increasing, and it is about to enter winter

Cool autumn is not inferior to cold winter. In frost season, autumn dryness is obvious, and dryness is easy to damage the body fluid. Health is very important in dry autumn. Come and start the health care mode with overseas Chinese


With autumn coming, the temperature changes greatly day and night. Although there are still a large number of people shuttling back and forth on the campus path in summer clothes during the day, the autumn wind is not so pleasant in the morning and evening of the day.


Post time: Oct-24-2020