A tree knows summer, a leaf falls and knows autumn. Autumn morning and evening cool, remember to add clothes.

On the customs of the beginning of autumn


1.Stick autumn fat

It is popular to weigh people by hanging scales on the day of the beginning of autumn, and compare the weight with that of summer. Because people have no appetite in summer, and their meals are light and simple. After two or three months, they usually have big problems: most of them have to lose some weight. With the autumn wind, you have a big appetite. If you want something good, you can add some nutrition to compensate for the loss in summer. The way to make up for it is to “stick autumn fat”: on the day of the beginning of autumn, various kinds of meat, such as stewed meat, roast meat, braised meat, etc., are used to “stick fat with meat”.

2.Autumn busy meeting

The autumn busy meeting is generally held in August and August of the lunar calendar. It is a business and trade meeting to prepare for the autumn rush. Some are held in combination with temple fair activities, and some are held solely for the sake of busy autumn. The goal is to exchange production tools, sell livestock, exchange grain and daily necessities.

Post time: Aug-08-2020